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Regular inspections from experienced security officers in highly visible and branded vehicles will improve the security of your vacant property.


When you don’t need full-time security guards, mobile security guard patrols for vacant properties are ideal for securing your property and assets outside of usual operating hours.

Mobile patrol security guards from Avantgarde provide outstanding security for your business and property, effectively adding another layer of protection to your existing CCTV and alarm systems.

The more obvious your security measures are, the less likely you are to be the target of attempted break-ins or thefts. In one violent neighbourhood, our street patrols resulted in a 70% drop in reported incidents.

All of our security guards are well-trained to deal with any situation. Mobile patrol teams can stay in their cars while patrolling your vacant land, or they can park and do foot patrols, examining specified locations that you have agreed to in advance.
Instructions unique to your void property are given to our mobile patrol security personnel. This ensures that no matter what your needs are, our security guards will give you the best service while minimising any disruption.

Our mobile patrol security guards can inspect exterior entry points as well as enter buildings to conduct interior searches, so we don’t only patrol and provide extensive coverage of your property.

All of our patrol teams keep meticulous records of their operations, photographing everything to provide you with clear and regular updates on your property. Not only that, but our vehicles are all GPS-tracked to ensure that they are always exactly where they are supposed to be.

When you and your staff aren’t around, our mobile security patrols supplement your exciting security measures and give you peace of mind while keeping your property safe.

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