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In the event of an entry to your unattended property, having an efficient keyholding and alarm response is critical to minimising the loss and damage that can occur to your business.


Security systems and alarms are critical in keeping your business safe, but if an alarm is triggered, it’s important that the right steps are taken. Action must be quick and decisive to minimise the risk of damage or disruption to your business. In the event of a break-in, the longer it takes for your property to be attended, the greater the chance of damage or theft.

We provide keyholding and alarm response services to businesses all around the United Kingdom. A professional keyholding service guarantees that pre-agreed and effective measures are initiated in the event of an intruder. Not only that, but our round-the-clock service ensures that your location is always in the safe hands of SIA qualified security experts.

Your keys will be kept safe, secure, and easily available to our experienced and highly-trained security professionals, who will leap into action as soon as an issue is identified.

Whenever an incident has been detected, or an alarm is raised, our security officers will be immediately deployed to your site. With our UK-wide coverage, you’ll never be far from one of our experienced security officers. We’ll have expert personnel on-site as quickly as possible, regardless of the time or location. Once on-site, our security professionals will follow pre-determined processes and conduct a comprehensive investigation of your property to determine the source of the alarm activation and take appropriate action.