Wireless, self-powered CCTV for protecting property and assets.

We lead the market in CCTV security, and we’re always innovating to provide the best solutions to our clients. The VPod CCTV System is designed for void property and is currently the best and most cost-effective solution to secure your property and assets.


For periods when there is no tenant, void status is an effective way to cut costs on a property by lowering your utility and other payments. The disadvantage is that there is no electricity to power a security system without utilities.

Security officers can defend property, but the cost of labour is usually much higher than any savings made through void status. Our V-Pod CCTV System for properties is a far superior alternative; high-tech, automatic protection that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For additional security, you can also supplement the V-Pod system with our other security services, including Mobile Patrol or Keyholding & Alarm Response. Our system is designed to ensure the highest level of security, and you can have peace of mind knowing your property is safe.


Our systems offer more comprehensive coverage than competing products.

Fully Wireless CCTV

Full-colour cameras produce images that are bright and make identification easy.

Alerts for Intruders

Intruders are deterred by visual and audible alerts.

Self Sufficiency

The system comes with everything you need to get started.

ACS Monitoring

We can provide you with an SIA ACS approved monitoring station if required.

Service is Available 24/7

Systems are designed for continuous monitoring.

Fast Setup

Easy to install and provides effective cover in a short amount of time.

Armoured Protection

The system is able to resist attacks and damage from the environment.

Priority Police Intervention

Ensures a quick response to any alarms.

Secured by Design

Police certification proves that our system is reliable.

System Checks on a Daily Basis

To assure the system is still working as it should be.

Long Battery Life

The system only records only when prompted.


The police have recognized our comprehensive building site CCTV coverage as Secured by Design. We're a market-leading, ACS-accredited, SIA-approved contractor who uses cutting-edge technology to keep your property safe.


Our V360 Analytic CCTV Tower, dubbed 'Big Orange,' provides unrivalled coverage and a wide range of high-tech features. It's also surprisingly simple to set up, and our crew can do it even in tough situations.


Our Analytic CCTV Tower is perfect for high-risk projects that require a quick response to prevent theft, vandalism, and other types of intrusion. This cutting-edge device can be deployed around building sites where a high level of security is required.


Find out even more about the V-Pod system. From Police Secured by Design status, to the V-Pod’s development, and bolt-on services we can provide to help you boost your property’s security to ensure it remains free of intrusion events while not in use. Ideal for void properties.


We do post-install inspections, and our service managers visit your site on a regular basis to guarantee your security system continues to provide effective protection of your site as it expands, in addition to providing FREE site surveys and quotes to all potential clients.