Keep your business, staff and visitors safe with our contactless temperature checking.

Our V-Check provides effective Covid-19 prevention. The system is a contactless wrist temperature unit, and its best feature is that it doesn’t require staff to operate.


The V-Check contactless wrist temperature measuring equipment is designed to make preventing Covid-19 easier. You can use the system to help keep your staff, visitors and organisation protected.

The V-Check system can be used as a stand-alone piece of equipment or as part of a larger access control system, designed to keep things secure and protected.

Our in-house engineers can work with whatever system you have and create a custom solution to safeguard your business and everyone that visits your location.

Apart from the obvious physical costs and risks to individuals who contract Covid-19, businesses can suffer a significant financial loss if staff or customers become unwell or are compelled to self-isolate.

No Contact

For safe temperature measurement V-Check uses non-contact measurement.

No Staff Needed to Operate

Save costs on traditional systems such as temperature guns.

Effective Within the 30°C to 45°C

More effective than temperature guns.

Accurate to within 0.3°C

More precise compared to alternatives such as temperature guns.

Display Size:
3.5" x 6"

For convenient use.

Audio Notifications

When activated, an audible alarm is triggered.

Connectivity Control Access

It's possible to connect it to an existing access control system.

Durable Construction

The case is made of thick stainless steel and is extremely tough.

Adjustable Height

There are two different height options available.

Installation Support

The system can be integrated into existing access control systems.