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Regular visits by experienced security guards in highly visible, branded vehicles will protect your property and business.


Sometimes a full-time security guard isn’t needed, and in these cases, mobile security patrols are ideal for protecting your business and assets outside of typical operating hours. Our mobile patrol security guards provide outstanding security for your business and property, effectively adding another layer of protection to your existing CCTV and alarm systems.

Deterrence is a major factor in preventing crime, and the more obvious your security measures are, the less likely you are to be the target of attempted break-ins. In one of Edinburgh’s most violent neighbourhoods, our street patrols resulted in a sharp 80% drop in incidents.

Even in the event of an incident, however, our security guards are all SIA qualified and well-trained to deal with any situation. Instructions are given to our mobile patrol security officers that are particular to your business. This specialised solution allows them to blend in with your current activities without causing any disturbance.
Mobile patrol teams can monitor your property in vehicles or park and do foot patrols, checking particular locations agreed upon in advance with you. Our mobile patrol security teams can be instructed to inspect exterior entry points as well as enter buildings to conduct interior searches, covering a wide area and ensuring that criminals don’t gain entry.

Our patrol teams always keep meticulous records of their work, photographing everything. In addition, our vehicles are all GPS-tracked to ensure that our patrols are always exactly where they are supposed to be. When you and your personnel are not present, our mobile security guard patrols can supplement your existing security measures and provide peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist secure your company.