The only 100% eco-powered CCTV tower in the U.K. Featuring 360° coverage, 24-hour recording, and artificial intelligence.

Our CCTV towers use state of the art solar panels and wind turbines to capture true eco power. There’s no need for battery changes, top-ups, generators, or any other form of power. These towers are 100% sustainable and can run 24/7 with no hidden costs.


The only 100% eco-powered CCTV tower in the U.K. Offering 360° coverage, 24-hour recording, and artificial intelligence. There’s no need for battery changes, top-ups, generators, or any other form of power. These towers are 100% sustainable and can run 24/7 with no hidden costs.

Our system boasts 360° coverage with deep learning capabilities, allowing it to automatically adapt to its environment, minimising false activations. The system utilises a 5MP camera with a 40m detection range. This camera also comes with powerful built-in A.I. features designed to optimise its ability to detect threats. These features include virtual tripwires, intrusion area detection, false alarm filter, people counting, facial recognition, image search, and low-light technology.

Intrusions are dealt with fast and effectively because of the voicebox alarm, monitoring, and our Priority Police Response. With remote access, we can easily adjust settings and features depending on your changing needs.

100% Effective, 100% Eco-Powered

No other CCTV Tower combines 100% renewable energy, A.I. capabilities, 360° coverage, and 24-hour operation.

Deep Learning A.I. with Powerful Features

Deep-learning artificial intelligence technology gives our system the edge, allowing it to collect data and learn from its surroundings, reducing the number of false activations and providing more accurate protection.

High Definition Camera with 5 Mega Pixels

Pixels determine how sharp the recorded images are. The more pixels, the better clearer the footage. Did you know that H.D. refers to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and 5MP refers to a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels? The four turret cameras on the Eco Tower provide clear, sharp images for optimal protection.

Live View Recording 24 Hours, Every Day

Our towers record all day, and you can easily connect with them through our dedicated mobile app to check your site whenever you want.

40m Detection Range

With four turret cameras, the camera has an excellent detection range and 360° coverage of your site.


Virtual Tripwires

Our program allows us to create virtual tripwires across your site for extra security. When these virtual wires are tripped, the system will set off a chain of events such as audio warnings and email alerts.

Intrusion Detection in a Specific Area

The area intrusion detection feature creates a no-go area in your site, allowing you to protect particularly dangerous areas or high-value items. This system uses virtual tripwires to maximise security in a specific area.

Recognising Faces

Facial recognition ensures that only authorised personnel can visit your site. This keeps out potential intruders while also making sure that your staff won't trigger any alarms. Facial recognition works even with headgear, masks and other accessories.

Low-Visibility Technology

Even at night in very low light, our cameras can detect movement and generate clear images. Helping to ensure your site stays secure 24/7, even when it's pitch-black outside.

WDR: Wide Dynamic Range

WDR technology helps to balance brightness and darkness, keeping pictures clear even in high-contrast environments. High contrast between well-lit and shaded areas can lead to blown out or overly dark images, and WDR prevents this.

False Alarm Filtering

False alerts can be caused by animals, rustling leaves, strong lights, rain, or snow and are a nuisance. Not only are false alerts annoying, but they can also potentially interfere with real alerts, so it's important that they're minimised. Through A.I. analysis, our system detects false alerts and filters them out, considerably enhancing alarm accuracy.

Counting People

The A.I. system is capable of counting the total number of people who enter, leave or pass by a specific place. The system can measure the total number of people within set time intervals and is also capable of filtering out non-important targets.

Detecting Motion

Smart Motion Detection (SMD) employs a sophisticated algorithm to differentiate between objects in the camera's field of view. The system can identify and pick out people and vehicles and will only send out an alarm when it detects them.

Upgrades Available

We can create a custom system for you that includes even more advanced A.I. features depending on your needs. These features can heighten your security and include Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Time Lapse, Thermal Imaging, and Advanced Image Search.


Our comprehensive building site CCTV coverage has been recognised as Secured by Design by the police. We're a market-leading, ACS-accredited, SIA-approved contractor using highly specialised technology to keep your site secure.


Our V360 Analytic CCTV Tower, often known as 'Big Orange,' provides unrivalled coverage and offers a variety of high-tech capabilities. It's also surprisingly easy to deploy, and our team can set it up quickly, even in difficult environments.


Our Analytic CCTV Tower is ideal for high-risk projects where a quick response is required to prevent theft, vandalism, and other forms of intrusion. Ideal for use on construction sites that require a high degree of security.