Meet the V360 CCTV Tower with deep learning and artificial intelligence.

We’ve always aimed to use the best technology for the construction security sector. V360 CCTV technology, which makes use of artificial intelligence, is the pinnacle of CCTV towers.

Auto Tracking Camera with 360° View

Intruders are spotted early and monitored until responders arrive with the 360° Auto-tracking PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) camera. This system is fully auto-tracking, meaning it can detect and follow intruders.

40 Metre Detection Zone

A 40 metres detection zone offers unparalleled coverage and ensures your site is fully protected.

Virtual Tripwires

Secure high-risk areas with the use of virtual tripwires. An intruder will instantly trigger an alert if they happen to trip one of these invisible lines.

Intruder Detection

Our cameras are capable of instantly detecting intruders and sending alerts to make sure your area is kept secure.

Low-Light, High Visibility

Ultra low light technology makes use of the moon's ambient light to provide crisp images at night, even when the sky is at its darkest.

Telescopic 7m Mast

Unrivalled coverage with infrared technology ensures intruders are identified regardless of the conditions.

Audio Warnings

Trespassers will be warned and scared away by a voice box with a pre-recorded alert.

A.I. Analytics

False reports and activations are reduced thanks to the artificial intelligence system.

Access Remotely

Changes to the system based on your changing needs are fast and simple to make with remote access.

50/60 FPS

Our CCTV system captures 50/60 frames per second, meaning images are clear and easy to interpret.

Recording in 4K

No need to worry about grainy or unclear images as our camera systems are capable of recording in 4K for ultra-sharp images.

4 TB Storage

Storing hours of video recordings isn't an issue, thanks to the camera's built-in 4TB hard drive.

Intelligent Mobile App

You can download our dedicated app to check up on your site and view any alerts whenever you need to.

Component Box with IP Rating

Housing has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating and a slide-out tray for fast and simple access to the components.

Data Transmission Ready for 5G

For a quick response, we send all video data over 5G to our ACS-accredited monitoring station. This means images and alerts are transmitted instantly, preventing delays.


The police have recognized our comprehensive building site CCTV coverage as Secured by Design. We're a market-leading, ACS-accredited, SIA-approved contractor who uses cutting-edge technology to keep your property safe.


Our V360 Analytic CCTV Tower, dubbed 'Big Orange,' provides unrivalled coverage and a wide range of high-tech features. It's also surprisingly simple to set up, and our crew can do it even in tough situations.


Our Analytic CCTV Tower is perfect for high-risk projects that require a quick response to prevent theft, vandalism, and other types of intrusion. This cutting-edge device can be deployed around building sites where a high level of security is required.


Our technology is world-leading, packed with sophisticated features, and capable of providing unrivalled protection for your construction site, as you’d expect from a firm that pioneered the construction CCTV market over 20 years ago.


Our service comes with 100% free site surveys and quotes. On top of this, we also do post-install inspections, and our service managers visit your site on a regular basis to guarantee your security system continues to provide effective protection of your site as it expands.