Providing businesses with
security personnel and
solutions since 1993

We provide temporary and permanent fencing and hoarding to our clients as well as access gates and turnstiles to ensure that intruders are kept out.


For construction sites, projects, and temporary sites like Covid-19 testing centres, fencing and hoarding are essential to ensure safety and control access.

We supply a full range of security services, including security guards and other security staff, as well as CCTV, access control systems. However, the effectiveness of these services is reduced if you don’t already have a security perimeter in place. For that reason, we also supply fencing and hoarding as well as access controls so you can ensure your site is secure at all times.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fencing. Different sites have different requirements, but over the years, our experience has led us to highlight two main options, fencing and hoarding. To help meet the needs of your site, we can design and build custom solutions. Get in touch for a quote if you have specific requirements, or read on to see which option is perfect for your project.

Remember, we can also convert your temporary perimeter to a permanent perimeter if needed, so you can simply change it if your needs change.