For over 25 years, we’ve been helping businesses stay secure by opening and closing each day.

We can help make sure your property or location is properly secured at night and swiftly opened in the morning. There’s no need to rely on workers or keep track of multiple sets of keys with our opening and closing service.


Our services are used by many businesses across the UK to perform their opening and closing routines.

Expecting staff to execute these tasks on top of their regular responsibilities is typically unrealistic. It requires further training and also increases the risk of break-ins, especially for businesses that have a large number of access points.

Consider what would happen if a window was left open when a site was closed for the day. Heat waste and possible weather damage will, at best, be the result. In the worst-case scenario, employees come to find evident traces of a break-in, as well as the resulting damage and disruption.

All kinds of different UK businesses use our opening and closing services, ranging from small car parks to enormous sites and all in between.

For a quick quote and peace of mind, call us today and hear how we can help secure your business.