Providing businesses with
security personnel and
solutions since 1993

We use our years of experience and contacts, combined with our national coverage, to deliver experienced and highly skilled labour and tradespeople for construction projects throughout the UK.


Ensuring your project employs the right personnel is no easy task. At Avantgarde, we help many businesses source labour and skilled tradespeople to run their construction projects smoothly. The logistics of scouring the UK for suitable employees is a sizeable undertaking, but you can utilise Avantgarde’s experience and wealth of contacts to help you recruit the right people.

As Avantgarde operates the length and breadth of the UK, we can help your company source the right people with the right skills for your project, wherever it may be. We know how changeable construction projects can be, so our service is reactive, with the ability to respond quickly and mobilise our workforce as soon as possible, making sure your project isn’t delayed.

We know that no two projects are identical, and every job has its own challenges. Projects rarely run smoothly from start to finish, and sometimes you need help quickly and professionally to ensure your project remains on target.

Get in touch today if you need to supplement your workforce. We’ll help you find the right people quickly and simply.